Sleeping with Myself  2014 

1.45 mins of a 40 minute single channel video
Sleeping with Myself is a video of me taking a nap on a sheet of mirror. A conceptual performance for the video camera.


What Goes Up Must Come Down 2014

Single channel video, 2 minutes and 39 seconds

What Goes Up Must Come Down presents 3 mirrors that are positioned in a row and adhered, at    the exact same moment in time, with temporary adhesive, to a sky blue wall. You watch and wait until they fall off the wall, one by one. The involuntary nature of this video escapes the consciousness   of the artist, revealing a conquest of chance. 

This video project is inspired by John Baldessari’s 1973 photographs titled 'Throwing Three Ball in the Air to Get a Straight line. 


The Artists' Hand  2014 

1.17 mins of a 10 minute single channel video

The Artists' Hand depicts a hand rotating the end of a kaleidoscope. This video is void of the traditional loose coloured gems usually found in a kaleidoscope - instead the artist's hand becomes the jewel --- the pattern that is reflected in the mirrors; the magic.


One Trick Pony  2013

3 minute single channel video                       

One Trick Pony depicts an origami pony. When the pony's tail is flicked, it spins in the air and is supposed to land on its feet but to an unskilled 'flicker' this may not be so easily achieved. The involuntary nature of this video escapes the consciousness of the artist, revealing a conquest  of chance.

Note: One Trick Pony: one that is skilled in only one area; also: also : one that has success only once -  Webster dictionary


Double Dutch  2012 

1 min of a 10 minute single channel video on two seperate monitors

Double Dutch consists of eleven letters whirling inside a kaleidoscope. As the kaleidoscope rotates the letters configure into symmetrical designs of ever-changing patterns. Although never completely intelligible, these letters make up the words ‘double dutch’ – hence the definition of the idiom: incomprehensible talk. 




Hearing Paired   2001

25 seconds of a 10 minute video installation incorporating two audio centers

Hearing Paired offers the viewer a division of their senses and an awareness of communication. The video presented 19 different onomatopoeias of American Sign Language. The audio provided the noise the onomatopoeias would create.



From A to B  2000

23 seconds of a 5 minute video installation incorporating two monitors and reflective road adhesive vinyl.

The video depicts a car shadow going round and round and round which played on two monitors in the foreground. The background depicted the outline of the automobile's shadow in reflective road adhesive tape.